Only 10 haircuts are allowed in North Korea

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Did you know that in North Korea you can only pick one of these 10 government approved haircuts? If you decide to simply go and make a modern Undercut, or if you wish to have a longer hair, you can get yourself killed. And bad thing in North Korea is, they have a law that allows them to kill your family too, and up to the 3rd generation. And this is no joke. If you want to be stylish, please, don’t go to North Korea, go to Bradao Barbershop instead!

Here are the government approved haircuts by the great Kim Jong Un leader himself: 

See below, you can see women in the Korean People’s Army pose for photos in Pyongyang.

And if you are a girl, you can of course look like this, absolutely fabulous:

Next time you think you don’t look stylish at all, remember these guys and gals and think again. And don’t trust your Barber if he is from North Korea.


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