Why our beards itch?

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You’ve finally decided to grow that beard you’ve always wanted. It’s showing all signs of becoming that luxurious mass of manliness you envisioned.

Problem is, it itches. A lot.

And now you’re driven to madness by a sensation that has you on the brink of shaving the full beard right off.

Or, you’ve finally grown the beard, but it still itches.

Ah, what to do?

Well, rest easy friend. You’re not alone. That itchiness is part of the process. Your skin is just getting used to all that new growth and, with time, it will go away. But we get it; there are moments when the itch is so irritating that you feel the need to be locked away in a padded cell.


Great question. The answer, in large part, is because you shave. That’s right. Those beard hairs were made sharp by your razor all those years, and when they start to grow, they irritate. Bottom line: Those hairs are growing as they should. There’s also dryness to contend with. That new facial hair will make your face super dry. You can use a special balm, or oil for your beard to ease the bad symptoms. Contact us because we have the best cosmetics available to calm your irritated skin.

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