We respect the heritage of the classical Barbering. We are a vintage place for the modern man. Established for the first time in Varna City, Bulgaria, in response to the quickly growing demand for prestigious shaping of male haircuts and grooming. We specialize in the traditional shaving with warm soapy foam and with the old school straight razor, in a retro luxury atmosphere inherent to the 50s years of the last century. And finally, you should know that we are working with Swiss precision, with top-quality equipment and instruments, in the company of a fresh and latest modern music, and in hygienic and comfortable atmosphere. Come and be a part of history. We are expecting you with great anticipation in our new Bradao Barbershop in Varna.


I’ve had the same barber since I was about 14 years old.
– Victor Cruz

Take your ass to the barber shop.
Tell the barber that you are sick of looking like an asshole.
– Wesley Willis

Whatever you hear at the barber shop, stays at the barber shop.
– Bernie Mac

The Barbershop


Our barbershop is at very convenient location, looking towards the street, it has a parking space for your car. You can also find a paid parking lot at less than 100 meters away. We are a few meters away from the main pedestrian zone of Varna.


The area is mainly characterized with excellent infrastructure, proximity to a collection of shops, fashion and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, beaches, cultural attractions, museums and a series of public and very cool places to visit.


The environment with which we will meet you is cozy, with friendly interior, and in vintage style. We are also keeping the traditions of the barber craft and we work with great care and with great diligence. We respect the old crafts and history.

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We from Bradao Barbershop, all of us, we are idealists. We combine the high-quality British cosmetics brands, imported specially from the Island. We use only Premium shampoos, shaving foams and conditioners, in the company of our traditional straight razors and hair clippers.


Changing the style. In the cold weather, it’s difficult for everyone to stay stylish, because the man prefers his head to be warm, than to look good. Function before design, you know. With a large beard, you are not only warm, but stylish too. Comfortable in the cold winter months.


Show off photos of your new haircut! Our personnel will happily take a photo of you and you will have the opportunity to show your new vision to your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. All of you, you are the face of Bradao. We are very proud, that you chose us.

Happy customers

  • Этого заведения мне не хватало в Варне. Привыкший к Барбершопу
    в России, тосковал по этому тут. Мужское место, с соответствующим
    интерьером. Отличная техника стрижки.

  • Днес бях за първи път в салона. Много съм доволен и очарован
    от обслужването, усмихнатия и положителен персонал, хубавата,
    и чиста обстановка. Благодаря.

  • Modern shop with young people taking care about the clients with
    professionality. Hair cut modern and precise. Great beard trimmers.
    Must to go if you are in Varna and want to be cool.

  • Страхотно обслужване, адски вежлив персонал и отговориха
    на всичките ми въпроси. Спечелихте ме като редовен клиент.
    Горещо препоръчвам на всеки!

  • Professional Service for a good Price! Took for Haircut and Beard 60min,
    which is for a good result needed and totally worth it. Shout Out to Ivan!

  • They did an amazing job and absolutely know what they are doing!
    Amazing service and really skilled barbers.

  • Enjoyed the service a lot. Got very sharp and neat cut & beard trim.



Our unique rating of 5.0 stars out of 5.0, our reviews from real customers, and all our thousands of likes on our Facebook page speak enough about us. People love us. You can trust us. And you cannot go wrong with us.

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